Beijing, China's capital and cultural hub is one of China's true ancient fortresses. A vibrant city filled with amazing sites, history, as well as a modern and bustling metropolis. Multi-lane boulevards and over three million cars blend seamlessly with ample amounts of historical charm. It's one of the world's most famous ancient cities, encompassing numerous attractions of cultural and historical interest. Experience the historic Forbidden City (now known as the Palace Museum), Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and of course the iconic Great Wall.

Tours in Beijing
  Exquisite China Tour
  Legends of China Tour
  Ancient China Tour - 18 Days
  Beijing Short Stay Tour - 4 Days
  Chinese New Year Tour
  Grand Tour Of China Tour - 26 days
  In Pursuit of Pandas Tour - 9 days
  Magnificent China Tour - 21 days
  Wonders of China Tour - 16 days
  China and Spiritual Tibet - 18 days
  China and Tibet Discovery - 16 days
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