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Ancient Greece was the home of Zeus and his fellow gods and you will certainly be reminded of that when you visit Athens' Parthenon and Delphi's Temple of Apollo. Greece was also the birthplace of the Games. Other famous Greek births include science, math, philosophy and democracy. But modern Greece is less a center of learning and more of a destination of simple, happy pleasures. If you want to relax and unwind or socialize and make new friends, this is the country for you. Here you will find delicious food and wine, beautiful beaches, charming villages, an endless coastline and little islands full of surprises. The myriad of islands in the Aegean Sea offers you a unique chance for island-hopping and partying. The Greek people are very welcoming, and famous for their warm hospitality. The landscape of Greece is varied, ranging from cool mountainous regions and coastal hills to plains and sun-drenched, rocky islands.
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The Acropolis, situated on a great hill in the center of Athens, is also at the center of Western civilization. Here, in buildings like the inspiring Parthenon, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle contributed to the birth of modern thought some 2,400 years ago. A city of immense size has grown around these ruins, with the opportunity to see more fascinating antiquities in its many splendid museums. Acquire your own treasures in the form of distinctive Greek jewelry, and savor traditional Greek music and dance in the city's spirited nightspots.
Crete, the largest of Greece, is a place with tall mountains, fertile valleys and clean beaches. It offers many surprises in its changing nature... forests of palm trees meet tall mountains, then majestic plateaus and then the sea. This land of history, culture and feasts offers you its smile and welcomes you in the mysterious yet familiar world of the Cretans.
On Mykonos you will find beautiful beaches, chic boutiques, and elegant nightclubs. Beneath its sophisticated surface, lies a quite essential Greek island. Hundreds of tiny chapels dot this blue and white-washed island with its beautiful windmills. Find a table on the waterfront and bask in the serenity of sunset over its picturesque harbor.
The beautiful "Island of Roses" has a rich and varied history. On a hill above the charming town of Lindos rises an ancient acropolis dedicated to the goddess Athena. Below lies the bay of St. Paul, where the apostle landed during his voyages. The crusading Knights of St. John left the medieval city of Rhodes behind when they were defeated by Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. The Ottoman Turks then occupied Rhodes for almost 400 years leaving mosques, minarets and a Turkish bath to mark their presence.
The island of Santorini is perhaps the most breathtaking of all the Greek Islands. The town of Fira's white-washed houses, narrow streets, open-air cafes and glittering boutiques cling to steep cliffs, accessible by cable-car or mule. To the south is Akrotiri where recent Minoan excavations support the theories that Santorini might be the fabled lost continent of Atlantis.
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